About Our Pack

As the saying goes,

“Dogs are not our whole life,
but they make our lives whole.”

In our family, dogs aren't just an afterthought or "animals". Our dogs (and we have 15 of them in our house!) are front and center, the main attraction. They are just as much family as any of the 2 legged members (ok, if I'm honest, sometimes they are MORE than some other family members ;-)

My point is, we're not just another website that is pushing gifts for dog lovers because we heard it's a "good market to be in". THIS is our life. We ARE "Paw Parents" and sharing the love for dogs is our passion. Because we believe there's no better example of how people should love each other than the example our dogs show each of us. Wouldn't you agree?

Dogs don't judge you or use you or only give you attention when it's convenient for them. No, dogs love you no matter what and all they want is to spend time with you and show you how much they care. The love of a dog can lower blood pressure, erase anxiety and mend a broken or hurting heart. In fact, some would joke that dogs are God's way of apologizing for some of the other people in our lives ;-)

Our mission with Paw Parents is to create fun apparel, household items and gifts that celebrate the love we all have (as Paw Parents) for our furry family. If you have ideas of what you'd like to see (or if we're missing your specific dog breed) feel free to reach out to us and let us know. We'll do our best to turn your ideas into shirts, mugs, jewelry or other fun items we can all enjoy.

And you can feel good about any purchase you make with Paw Parent because through Fair Shake, we'll give back a portion of all profits generated to go toward supporting dogs and their families who need help. Because we believe all dogs deserve a fair shake in life so we're doing our best to rescue and support furry friends and family who need a little extra love and support. We'll be sharing more about our efforts very soon.

One last thing...

We're a small family business, centered around our love and passion for sharing life together, along with our furry family members. If you stick around and read our emails, hang out with us on FB or Instagram you'll soon get to know our family... whether it's me and my husband, our 5 kids and 15 dogs... or my husband's parents and their dog, Bentley or my mom and her dog, Mercedes... you'll discover that we really are ALL ABOUT celebrating love for our four-pawed family. 

We'd love to see pictures of you and your furry family, too! So feel free to post them on our FB, Instagram or send them over via email. Anyone who loves a dog and considers themselves a "Paw Parent" is a person we consider a friend!

Barks & Blessings,